Magic Mania

The Magic Mania Show


Imagine entering into an energy-charged room filled with laughter and excitement – a room soon to be full of music, bright lights, dancing, clowns, magicians, illusionists and acrobats. The lights go down and you hold your breath. You close your eyes in anticipation of the excitement that will follow. You can feel the others in the crowd waiting in anticipation.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, WELCOME TO MAGIC MANIA!”

fire magic

All eyes now focus on the stage. The curtain rises and the Masters of Magic, winners of the prestigious MOE awards, take the stage. The audience’s imagination is brought to life with wondrous illusions.  The tremendous talents of Johnny Broadway follow with his incredible display of acrobatics, which include death-defying balancing and juggling.



That's amazing!



"More, more!" cries the audience and Sam Powers provides exactly that.


The parents and carers get into the swing of things.


Now comes perhaps one of the crowd’s favourites, the amazing Leaping Loonies bring the house down, leaving the audience in stitches and wonder. Their onstage antics were the highlight of a wonderful fun-filled day.


Laughing eyes. Are we having a good time?



Thanks everyone. Hope you had as much fun as us. Many thanks must go to all of our sponsors, particularly our corporate sponsors, without whom this event, particularly for special needs children and families, could not take place.


This says it all.

Each show enables these special needs children and others with varying abilities to experience an opportunity that they might never be able to. These programs rely solely on the kindness of sponsors, both individual and business, who are just too numerous to name, yet the thanks are heard mostly in the echoes of the children's laughter.

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